529 Garage Bicycle Registration Kit – Single Shield


A 529 Garage registration kit containing one (1) 529 Garage shield.

529 Garage is a bike registration and recovery system. It is free to register from anywhere in Aotearoa (New Zealand). We recommend putting a shield on your bike for extra protection:

  • The 529 Shield acts as a theft deterrent, warning would-be bike thieves that your bike will be a liability to them.
  • The 529 Shield sticker acts as a unique identifier for your bike. If your bike is stolen or recovered, police, would-be buyers, and the 529 community will be able to notify you when they spot it.
  • 529 Shields are tamper-resistant and weather-resistant.

Thank you for helping to #endbiketheft with us.

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In Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) 500 – 1000 bikes are reported stolen each year. However, it is estimated that the actual number is between 2500 – 5000.

Bike Auckland have partnered with 529 Garage to reduce bike theft, so that you can keep riding, worry free.

529 Garage is a bike registration system which is free to use, and helps to get bikes that are stolen back to their owners. Widespread 529 Garage use has the power to make bike theft inconvenient and unprofitable, dampening the stolen bike market. In Vancouver 529 Garage has been very successful, with a 20% year on year decrease in bike theft once it was launched. We want to replicate that success in Aotearoa.

Once you have registered your bike, you can choose to put a 529 Garage sticker (known as a ‘shield’) on it in a visible location. The sticker gives a handy way to look up the bike without tipping it upside down and once people know more widely what it means, will help to deter bike thieves. They are also available in various bike shops across Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) and Ōtautahi (Christchurch).

If your bike is stolen you can use 529 Garage to alert the police and nearby community. People can contact you anonymously through the app if they see your bike.

Quite often the police recover stolen bikes but don’t know who to return them to. With registration to 529 Garage police will be able to find out that you are the bike’s owner and return the bike to you.

If you are buying a second hand bike, you can look up the bike’s serial number in 529 Garage to find out if it has been marked as stolen. This makes selling stolen bikes less profitable and more risky: altogether making it less appealing, and gives you peace of mind that you aren’t purchasing someone else’s stolen bike.

529 Garage is most effective when it has a large volume of bikes registered to it. By encouraging your friends and family to register their bikes you will be making your own bike safer.

Thank you for helping to #endbiketheft with us.

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