Pleasure – right from the First Step Out Your Door

Mar 22, 2014
Pleasure – right from the First Step Out Your Door


 Avoid the hot car, hassles of jams & parking – think ‘go by bike!’  IMG_1047-001

On yer bike is often the  best way to get to some of Auckland’s great community events. Auckland Transport  has been providing  secure (even valet) parking at recent events (Big Gay Out & Pasifika). Up till now there has always been a pole or tree to risk your precious wheels on, but things are changing. There may be plenty of potential bike parking in retail areas where cycling is still not well-provided for  – usually you can prop your steed up right outside the shop. However some of our brilliant  city events are now of a scale that arriving by bike is so popular that specific bike parking is appropriate.

Other events acknowledging the convenience of public transport (and why not take your bike) are the Hobsonville  and other markets. For the last few week-ends the Hobsonville  ferry has had $10 return fares (or $25 for a family) over the weekends (may it continue – rather than just being a week day commuter service) giving great access to some brilliant leisurely riding in some car free areas – as well as a great market.

The Harbourview Sculpture at Te Atatu is another current  delight  that is great to cycle to and catering for bike parking.

IMG_1053 It even has some hire bikes from the site. Oratia Market is bike friendly and offers the great option of Twin Streams biking routes – or a short cut with trains from Sunnyvale Station (check service & timetables) IMG_1054

So going to an event – why not go by bike? Expect there to be parking – maybe check with AT.

Organizing an event ? – remember catering for bikes makes the occasion more fun, accessible & attractive for more people! Let it be known you welcome & provide for bikes in your promotions.

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