It’s official – we’re Bike Auckland now!

Nov 24, 2015
It’s official – we’re Bike Auckland now!


The voice of bike advocacy in Auckland has a fresh set of wheels. As of Tuesday 24 November 2015, Cycle Action Auckland is… Bike Auckland!

In welcoming this new era, we salute all the heroes who’ve brought us this far. Longterm advocacy is the work of many hands, hearts and minds, and we are where we are now thanks to the tireless efforts of Cycle Action Auckland’s teams over the years, in tougher times, with less recognition. You know who you are: we stand on your shoulders.

Under the name Cycle Action, we’ve been part of a revolution in transport across almost two decades, especially so over the past 5 years. Our evolution into Bike Auckland reflects the surge of energy, investment and public demand for biking in our city.

We’ll continue to be a strong voice for our hundreds of members and many thousands of supporters – and for all Aucklanders who want safe streets and connected cycleways, so that riding a bike is as natural and obvious an option as walking, driving, or taking public transport. Our representation at the top table to help make this happen is secure.

We know many of you like to stay local, and are keen to get involved in creating bike-friendly neighbourhoods where families and others can connect and celebrate local character, with safe routes to schools and local shops. We’re here to support and encourage bike-friendly initiatives, whatever form they take.

Under our new banner, Bike Auckland aims to represent the diversity of people biking in the city, and those who want to give it a go. We’re an umbrella for the new biking groups sprouting in suburbs across the city: Bike Devonport, Bike Te Atatu, Bike Grey Lynn and Mangere’s Triple Teez.

The timing is right: there’s never been a better time to make our whole city safe and friendly for biking. The Government’s major Urban Cycleways Programme and funds from Auckland Transport are creating world-class cycleways. The number of people biking is increasing at least 6% month on month. Every day people approach me to say they’re keen to use the new protected cycle lanes under construction. They’re just the tip of an iceberg, and the cycleways we see being built are just the beginning.

There is so much pent-up demand across Auckland for a truly liveable, walkable, and bikeable city. A huge part of it is the desire of so many people to give their children and grandchildren the freedom and healthy lifestyles we enjoyed growing up. We all know more activity and independence are vital, so our children can be fit, confident, healthy and active citizens of the Auckland of tomorrow.

And that goes for all of us. What better way to put some fresh air in your day, than hopping on a bike for the school run, an errand, a commute? Our vision is that all Aucklanders of all ages will have that freedom and that choice.

We have lots more to do, but the impetus for change is overwhelming… join us in embracing this next stage!

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PS We hope you love our new logo as much as we do, with its hints of motion, exuberance, diversity, and our beautiful landscape. Our gratitude to the super talented Su Yin Khoo of ExtraBold for her design brilliance and intuitive smarts.

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