After the official opening of the first stretch of the great eastern shared path last week, the big question on many people’s lips is: how do we get there? When the full path is complete, you’ll be able to ride from town. But for now, you can make your way via train to Glen Innes to ride the first part. Or, if you’re local, just bowl up to one end or the other, Merton Rd near the train station, or St Johns Rd next to the Sunhill Garden Centre.

(Also, if you’re local: got any hot tips for fun things to do at either end, or useful approaches to the path if you’re traveling with less confident people on bikes?)

And speaking of local – this handy leaflet is going out to neighbours in the coming week, outlining how the path fits in to the area, and explaining the full timeline: gi-to-tamaki-dr-shared-path-newsletter [PDF]. See excerpt below.



East Auckland Glen Innes to Tamaki
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5 responses to “News we can use: how Te Ara Ki Uta Ki Tai fits in

  1. I’m a local and have already run up and down it a couple of times, but it’s sad to see that the bottom section backing on to the countdown carpark has already been tagged and is home to a depressing amount of litter thrown over the fence from Countdown.

    1. That is very disappointing and more so for all the people responsible for the projects delivery. I hope over time having more people using the public space leads to more respect. Yeh I know Santa’s not real either.

  2. I wonder how we will cross St Johns Rd when the link is complete? I’m hoping there will be sensors that detect a cyclist approaching which will trigger traffic lights (like they have in CHCH). There is no way cyclist can cross at this location without stopping traffic on St Johns Rd, and we are not dismounting for a pedestrian crossing!

    1. The crossing will be at the St Johns / St Heliers Bay intersection, with a signalised bike / ped crossing that you will be legally allowed to ride across without having to dismount. Detailed design is still underway – we’ll raise the option of the advance detectors. They have been used on Nelson Street cycleway too, btw.

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