Main-Cycling-Routes-Through-Wynyard-quarterNow that Auckland Transport and Waterfront Auckland have gone public with it, we can also tell you about something we have known for a few weeks now: New cycleways are coming for Wynyard Quarter. Including protected ones! Here’s what AT have to say about this:

Increasingly, more people are choosing to cycle to work or for fun. The creation of cycle paths through Wynyard Quarter supports this and makes it easier to get around.

The vision is to provide a world-class facility connecting the North Shore (via SkyPath), Herne Bay, and Ponsonby, with the CBD and Tamaki Drive.

Separated cycle paths will go along Beaumont Street and Madden Street.

A shared pedestrian and cycle path will go along Westhaven Drive and the western end of Gaunt Street to Daldy Street, where it will connect with the Daldy Street Linear Park.

This is the grand plan – works on these cycleways are to start next year, and progress till 2019 – another step in connecting together our waterfront, and our cycleway network. If you haven’t already, have a look at some photos one of our committee members took earlier this week of Beach Road and the Westhaven Promenade, links these will tie in to.

Auckland is suddenly starting to experiment with all sorts of new cycle infrastructure. In a few years, we will have examples of various kinds all over the place, and we are confident separated cycle facilities will rank pretty highly, and will eventually end up standard practice here too!

CAA is meeting with AT and other stakeholders in a few days – so if you have something to add that you would like us to discuss with them about cycling in Wynyard Quarter, now’s a good time to sing out!

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4 responses to “New separated cycleways coming to Wynyard Quarter!

  1. When I first heard about Beaumont St a month or so ago, said would be easy separated cycleway, and built by October to link with Westhaven Promenade opening. Is this still the plan?

  2. The only type of cycleways worth having – lane separated ones. If you trust magic paint you are bound to come a cropper…if not end up under a truck.

  3. Shared pedestrian / cycle path? Would love to see some more details. Why not Dutch style bike / pedestrian segregation via different surfaces etc? Cheap to do right now rather than re-do later once the inevitable arguments start to pop up.

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