The new GPS: a push for Skypath – and rebalancing priorities

Apr 06, 2018
The new GPS: a push for Skypath – and rebalancing priorities

Bike Auckland

Media Release: Final push for Skypath welcomed – Bike Auckland applauds Government’s rebalancing of transport priorities

6 April 2018

Bike Auckland is celebrating the government’s new draft land transport policy, which boosts cycling and walking investment and ensures the swift completion of Skypath and Seapath, fixing the crucial ‘missing link’ across Auckland’s harbour.

People on both sides of the harbour have long shown overwhelming enthusiasm for being able to walk and bike over the Harbour Bridge. It’s now realistic to give this project the urgency required for it to be in place for the America’s Cup.

Combined with a strong focus on public transport and safer travel on local roads, the government’s increased support for walking and cycling will free Aucklanders from car dependence, and free up the city’s streets for healthy, reliable, congestion-free journeys.

‘Investment in cycleways has created a bike boom in Auckland, with uptake of the bike network rising year on year,’ says Barb Cuthbert, Chair and spokesperson of Bike Auckland. ‘We’re delighted to see the Government’s massive boost to investing in the city’s new high-quality cycle network and safer local streets.’

Half of all Aucklanders already live within an easy walk or 15 minute bike ride of affordable, frequent and convenient buses, trains, and ferries – and soon, light rail. Making it safer and more appealing to walk or ride to the nearest station unlocks a truly congestion-free network.

Making local walking and biking safer will also transform the school run, leading to a year-round  ‘school holiday effect’ on Auckland’s streets, as well as multi-generational health benefits and more child-friendly neighbourhoods.

Bike Auckland is impressed by the commitment to address transport’s effects on public health and the environment.  ‘A more balanced approach to transport will help create livelier streets, fresh air, and healthier, connected communities.’

‘We’re empathetic to the discussion about the effect of fuel taxes on less well-resourced communities. The reality is that these communities are impacted more by poor transport choices,’ says Barb Cuthbert. ‘This costs people dearly – in time, money, health, and quality of life  – and we think they deserve better, sooner. The Government’s initiative unlocks more and cheaper transport where it’s most needed.’


Whoop, there it is! Skypath in the middle; bike to school down below, and great plans for walking and cycling all over the show.
So good to see children’s travel suggested as a measure of success. When you count what you value, what you value counts.


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