Great news from Mt Albert – Council is now going ahead with the improvement plan for the town centre. And the biggest change after the consultation is: more bike lanes!

The plans are still pretty high-level, with detailed design work in the months ahead, and then hopefully followed by construction soon after. But look what’s now part of the bottom line: instead of just a few upgrades of cycle lanes on Carrington Road, things are now looking a lot sweeter on Mt Albert Road and New North Road as well.

Green cross - bike lanes here, bike lanes there - and do we spot some parking-protected lanes in that sketch???
The green X marks the spot – bike lanes here, bike lanes there – and do we spot some parking-protected lanes there??? (Wish we had a higher quality image – this one via the Council’s press release)

This will be a great outcome for Mt Albert town centre, which has increasingly become squeezed between cars, cars, and more cars, and is feeling the shadow of the giant mall not far away. Now it has a chance to return to a “main street” feel.

Mount Albert now. Lots of cars, not enough people.
Mount Albert now: lots of cars, not enough people. Soon: more space for feet & bikes.

Cafes and restaurants will be able to spill out over much wider footpaths, kids traveling en masse to nearby schools won’t have to perch perilously on narrow corners while waiting to cross the road, the railway station will be much more inviting to pedestrians and bike folk…

…and people on bikes will be able to rock up to their local shops much more easily.

Meet you for dinner there soon?

Because we want to say above all is: THANK YOU! We encouraged you at the time to submit your thoughts on this, and you really brought it home! You genuinely made a difference. Here’s the conclusion of Council’s press release.

This is the kind of responses we love. Well done Council / Auckland Transport.
This is the kind of response we love. Well done, Albert-Eden Local Board, Auckland Council & Auckland Transport!
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6 responses to “Saddle up – we’re riding to Mt Albert Town Centre!

  1. One local business is very upset about the improvements to their precinct and is currently trying to dominate the Mt Albert Community FB page, claiming that they were never told about the consultation. They feel that the loss of some parking spaces will destroy their trade and the new pedestrian areas will attract drunks. If anyone wants to join in on the ‘people/bike-friendly’ side of that debate, that might be good.

    1. Looking at it – yes, the lanes on NNR are parking-protected, at least while parking is allowed – it’s a clearway in peak times and so it’ll just be a plain cycleway for 2 hours each day.

      The cycle lanes on the Carrington Rd rail overbridge are also marked as “raised” – i.e. Copenhagen?

  2. Great news for Mt Albert residents and local business!. More people arriving by foot & bike enjoying people friendly spaces can only be a good thing!

  3. Ah Mount Albert. Such a depressing place today… I can’t imagine how anyone would think this has to be stopped. Except maybe some lame egoist who wants a free parking spot for himself in front of his shop.

    And those bike lanes are a good addition. But I can see how cars driving east on Mt Albert Rd would cut that corner and still give cyclists a decent scare.

  4. That’s better, though I agree with Damien about corner cutting.

    I suggested making the junction a Barnes Dance, since riders and walkers could easily accommodate each other in one phase on that enormous expanse. You could still ride with the main flow through the junction, but you’d have the option of a light controlled, single step crossing to any arm of the junction, without motor traffic. I’d appreciate that, riding with my son in his trailer or tagalong.

    Interesting how pedestrians still have to squeeze into the gaps between traffic phases, rather than having a dedicated phase of their own that plays to their strengths.

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