More roads! And more cycleways? [CAA Event]

People TogetherJust reminding everyone that this Thursday, CAA’s public meeting will get presentations from Auckland Transport on two major projects:

  • East-West Link – Connecting South Central Auckland with East Auckland, from Onehunga/Mangere Bridge to East Tamaki. Is this all just for trucks? Lets see what AT say.
  • [Central City] East-West Study – Another East-West story. Get an update on where all those nice projects with cycling and walking in the Central City have gone to?

AT have agreed to our request to give us a public presentation, and be available for Q&A later – so you all can ask questions and provide comment. It’s all part of the 2nd of our 3 aims – to “collaborate, lobby and hold accountable” for cycling. Auckland needs better cycle facilities – if Council are going to add/change large parts of our roading system, cycling needs to be in the mix from day one. Lets see if it is:

Thursday 25th July


Ellen Melville Hall, City Centre

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