Electrify NZ is a proof point for the proliferation of electric bicycles across New Zealand. What started as a one-man, single-store business three years ago has grown into a retail chain with two Auckland sites, three more across the country, and further stores on the way.

From environmental campaigner to e-mobility entrepreneur: Michael Tritt.

Founder Michael Tritt, a former Greenpeace staffer, started electrify.nz with a simple goal: get more people on bikes and out of their cars. Michael opened his doors for business at the beginning of the e-bike phenomenon and he says the business has thrived after a slow start. “In my first winter I was selling maybe a bike every month. But we rode the e-bike wave and now we are both growing our own network and are distributing to the other dealers.”

What is electrify.nz?

As the name suggests, electrify.nz is an electric bike-only business. It retails through its original city shop in Scotland Street, just up the road from the Freemans Bay New World supermarket. It also has a franchise outlet on the corner of Bute and Beach Roads in Brown’s Bay, and others in Tauranga, Hamilton and Dunedin.

The electrify.nz team prides itself on after-sales service, which has earned it consistently positive reviews on Google. Michael reckons service is a critical factor in choosing an e-bike vendor. “Batteries, controllers and other components on e-bikes are very often specific to the brand, which means not every bike shop is going to stock them,” he says.

“They’re different in that respect from regular bicycles, which have componentry that is often generic. It’s also something to take into account when choosing where you buy an e-bike from. The industry is young but some retailers have already closed, leaving their customers in the lurch when they’ve needed parts and service.”

Electrify NZ’s Michael Tritt (right) and co-director James Munro at their Scotland Street, Freemans Bay shop. And the bike? That’s James’ day-to-day ride, a Stromer e-bike.

What kinds of bikes does electrify.nz sell and service, and to whom?

Part of the electrify.nz proposition is quality. It opted from day one for established international e-bike brands such as Magnum, from the US, and the European brands Bottecchia and Gepida. At the top of the offering is the drool-worthy Swiss range of Stromer bikes. Electrify NZ offers commuter bikes, mountain bikes, and also folding bikes and a tandem.

Michael says his original vision of giving people an alternative to driving has materialized. “Generally our customers aren’t regularly riding a regular bike,” he explains. “They’ll know how to ride a bicycle but they typically won’t have used one for quite a while. So we’re growing the pool of cyclists, rather than cannibalizing the existing market.”

Two main types of shopper turn up at electrify.nz. There are the baby boomers, who are returning to cycling and want to go electric. And there are the city commuters who, says Michael, are “sick of the traffic and the parking hassles and want to get to work in a more reliable and healthy way.” Another group of customers is major employers. The Tauranga City Council is a good recent example; earlier this year is signed up for 54 e-bikes for its staff.

Why is electrify.nz partnering with Bike Auckland?

Because electrify.nz’s goals match Bike Auckland’s. Michael and his co-directors see their business as an extension of environmental advocacy. “Bike Auckland wants to put more people on bikes, and so do we,” Michael explains. “Plus, it’s the right time for this partnership. Bike Auckland has been extraordinarily effective in recent years and we really are starting to see the results in the form of cycleways and other infrastructure across the city.”

Offer for Bike Auckland members

$250 free accessories of your choice with any e-bike purchase (including interest-free purchases, not available in conjunction with other offers). Valid upon production of your Bike Auckland membership card.

Not a BA member? Electrify NZ can sign you up on the spot!

electrify.nz Auckland City

5 Scotland St
Freemans Bay
Auckland 1011

021 047 1262

10am – 5pm Tuesday to Friday
10am – 3pm Saturday and Sunday
(Closed Mondays and public holidays)

electrify.nz North Shore

Corner Bute & Beach Roads
Brown’s Bay
021 110 5070

10.30 – 4pm Tuesday to Saturday
(Closed Sundays, Mondays and holidays)

electrify.nz on Facebook 

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  1. Great work Mike. I deliver fleet ebike H&S training with the TCC and have seen how your local initiative has empowered a new bunch of Tauranga riders. Re the Stromer, having eye surgery last Monday we chat as we do and I discover my ophthalmologist has just put a deposit on one with you, he is so excited. The only time I truely saw him smile throughout the consult …#electricgrin

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