Media Release: Another Tamaki Drive Cycling Crash

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13 November, 2011

Another Tamaki Drive Cycling Crash

Yesterday the Herald and Newstalk ZB reported that a cyclist was injured on Tamaki Drive after crashing with a car that stopped suddenly on the cycle lane on Kelly Tarltons’ corner. The reports say the motorist stopped to answer a phone call and the cyclist was unable to swerve to avoid the sudden blocking of his travel path.

The crash comes one year after a horrendous 5 day period when 5 cyclists were killed on rural roads and one on Tamaki Drive. Since that ghastly toll Cycle Action has been working with Auckland Transport to make Tamaki Drive safer, as it is used for over 1,100 cycle trips each day, and is the country’s most popular cycling route for commuting and sports cyclists. It also has 5 of the Auckland region’s 9 worst cycling black spots. Nearly 90% of these crashes were due to motorists’ inattention, failing to look and other avoidable causes.

Barbara Cuthbert, Spokesperson for Cycle Action Auckland has an urgent message for Auckland motorists. “Thanks to Auckland Transport, we now have lengths of cycle lanes on some of the most dangerous parts of Tamaki Drive. Parking areas for cars and boat trailers have been removed, because they have caused a ‘dooring’ death and broken limbs in the last year when cyclists have been knocked off their bikes. A new initiative is about to be announced by road cyclists to lead the way for safer travel on Tamaki Drive”.

“I am appalled by this lastest crash, and call on motorists to play their part. More people are cycling around all parts of the region as people use bikes to get to work, local shops or train for summer cycling events. These people include our neighbours and loved family members. Yesterday’s crash on Tamaki Drive left a cyclist with broken bones because a motorist chose to focus on a phone call. Parking in a cycle lane is a breach of the road rules.”

“Time and money has been spent in the last year to make Auckland’s roads safer for cyclists – and more is needed. But we also need motorists to look out for cyclists, and recognize we all have the right to use the road safely. A few seconds of your time is all it takes – think before pulling over in front of cyclists and leave space on the road to allow cyclists to use roads safely. Road crashes are seldom deliberate, but their consequences are devastating to you and others around you.”

Contact –Barbara Cuthbert, Spokesperson/Chair, Cycle Action Auckland-  TEXT or ph 0274 125 824

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