It’s finally there (blink and you’ll miss it)

If you are riding your bicycle down Wellesley Street East, have a look at this little sign. And then ride on down to Queen Street. Legally.

Click image twice to get large size.

This sign – allowing cyclists through passage where otherwise, only buses were allowed – was one of the smaller items from a recommendations report CAA made back in 2010 to Auckland City Council, as part of a small Council initiative to make the city centre more friendly for cycling in time for the Rugby World Cup.

Some of the other items – even bigger-ticket items like improving the off-road cycleway between Tinley and Plummer Street on the Waterfront – got actioned long ago, but this one, while agreed at the time to be feasible, took a surprisingly long time to get implemented. Great to see it – our RWC visitors surely didn’t miss it, but us locals will make good use of it.

CAA also recently submitted to an Auckland Council bylaw process, to make it easier to turn (specific) one-way streets into two-way streets for cyclists. Another small change that would go a long way to make flexible cycling through our city easier.

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