Liberate the Lane infographic images

Liberate the Lane infographic images

Bike Auckland

On this page we have broken down the large infographic explainer image into the individual FAQs. There are longer ones for Facebook and square ones for Instagram down the page. Share far and wide.

Note: to download an image first right click on the image then select “open in a new tab.” Navigate to the new tab and right click the image again then select “save image as…” A window will open up prompting you to choose a location to save it to on your computer and to rename the image if you want to. If you do not choose a location it will most likely default to your downloads folder.

And there are also some square images in slide show format on this page.

What’s the idea sequence?

Who’s it for?

What about safety?

Is there space?

What about the alternatives?

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Bike Auckland is the non-profit organisation working to improve things for people on bikes. We’re a people-powered movement for a better region. We speak up for you – and the more of us there are, the stronger our voice!

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