Update: SkyPath has passed today’s big hurdle – Council voted it through. Not much detail yet (i.e. details of the wording, or who voted how), but another (very important) hurdle has been passed. Coming up, March 2014 for the resource consent!


SkyPath 01Here are a few images from the SkyPath presentation that the Trust just made to the Auckland Council this morning. Waiting for the decision this afternoon.

Or, of course, you can have a look at the full presentation here!



SkyPath 02

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15 responses to “SkyPath Trust Presentation & SkyPath has been passed!

  1. I was lucky enough to speak on behalf of CAA, Gen Zero and Transport Blog just after the AHB Pathway Trust made their presentation.

    It seemed to be well received and I am pretty confident that the Council vote will be successful.

  2. Momentous and monumental. I can’t see any Resource or Building Consent issues defeating the clever people behind this, biggest remaining hurdle will be funding.

  3. This is a huge achievement. On behalf of Cycle Action Auckland I pay tribute to my predecessor, former Chair of CAA – Bevan Woodward who has put his life on hold to drive this project thru’. Also to Kirsten Shouler, Alex Swney, and professional team of engineer Roger Twiname from Aireys Consultants and architect, Barry Copeland from Copeland Associates. This team have retained a vision and delivered to date. Thank you from Auckland’s cycling community.

    1. Yep, those folks pushed it through the dark ages, keeping the faith – while the rest of CAA at the time decided to focus on the wider cycling issues instead, wondering if it was a bit of a lost cause. I am awfully glad I had the chance to come back on board in the meantime!

      1. I saw Cycle Action- in my 8 years working in the organisation-as always believing in sky path and supporting Getacross- we just divided labour and focus between the Getacross team and the other cycling action work that needed to be done –and the strategy was obviously successful.
        CAA has always had it’s eye on this key iconic last word in cycling connectedness cos we know that’s what gets people on bikes that this access makes a statement about Aucklands commitment to cycling!!

        I join Barb Cuthbert in thanking Bevan and the sky path team.

        1. Thanks as well from me! I appreciate the work that Bevan and his team have done on this project. Reminds me that a little faith and a little persistence goes a long way! Fantastic to see progress on this idea, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing Bevan et al crack a bottle of organic champagne to open the Skypath! (metaphorically of course – wouldn’t want glass splinters to ruin the cycling…)

  4. Awesome to hear it passed. Watching the pro and opposing teams yesterday at the Council meeting, it really is the new and old Auckland in a direct clash.

    So glad that the Council sees Auckland needs to move forward and cant live in the 1980/90s forever.

  5. Fantastic news. I will be a very infrequent user of SkyPath, but I will certainly use it, and the fact that it is happening is both a game changer and a catalyst for cycling generally in Auckland.

    Without wanting to skip over the huge amount of work still needed to get it all done… what’s the next “SkyPath”?!

    Grafton Gully / Beach Road could be really good.. maybe not such a step change as SkyPath though.

    How about implementing a complete cycle network in one suburb (30 k zones, on-road lanes, segregated lanes, shared paths as appropriate).. as per the prize winning suggestion by Bryce P over at the AT Blog?

    1. Waterview Cycleway will be huge, especially with the spur link to Avondale. Closing major hole in southwestern isthmus cycle network.

      After that, probably AMETI cycleways & Tamaki Drive-Glen Innes connections that lead to it.

      But really, the key step change we need next after SkyPath is more cycle facilities ON arterials. Beach Road is just the first step to that.

    2. What’s the next skypath?………SeaPath! to take cyclist from Northcote Point to Takapuna up the side of the motorway .
      It will be interesting to see what the NRPA and SMBRA come up with to try and stop the resource consent …..they have been a problem in the past .Awesome job done by Bevan and team over the last 10 years. Thanks

  6. Which suburb would you suggest could do with a complete cycle network?

    1. I can think of a really easy one and it connects to an existing, well used, cycleway.

      1. Selfishly I would nominate Point Chevalier – perfect wide street down the middle which would allow some nice fine cycle paths all the way down. But it is a peninsula so not expecting it to top others lists!

  7. Ben , thanks for us for speaking to The Council meeting on behalf of Cycle Action at such short notice. Brilliant to have Cycle Action’s support as always. Sorry I couldn’t be there! We look forward to continuing to work with Cycle Action to deliver SkyPath

  8. Hey thanks all, appreciate the feedback. We’re not counting our chickens just yet, but of course very pleased with the progress and the manner in which Council is professionally approaching this opportunity.

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