Henderson-Massey leading the ride!

You may remember a recent post about cycling in parks in the Orakei Local Board area. We highlighted how the plans sure looked nice, but didn’t seem to show much design for cycling within the parks themselves.

Now here comes a similar plan for Te Rangi Hiroa and Birdwood Winery Estate Reserve, between Ranui and Westgate – and LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF CYCLING CONTENT (<- plan link).

There’s numerous paths that will be designed for shared use, various ways to get into/through the park for cyclists, and they are also proposing BMX tracks and MTB tracks, for the more adventurous.

Henderson-Massey, of Twin Streams Path fame, is certainly living up to its reputation!

Of course that doesn’t mean we should just take this for granted – CAA will make some comments on the design, and we ask all Westies to please comment on the online form and support this great park and its cycling opportunities.

Be sure to ask for cycling connections to and from the streets to the northeast of the park, and for the 2m shared cycle paths to be widened to the same width as the 3m paths where possible!

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