Have we come far…?

Nov 21, 2012
Have we come far…?


…well, we think we have, on cycle advocacy. But I recently was curious about how far CAA (and it’s website) itself had come -and what topics occupied us almost a decade before. So I checked how our website looked at a time before I myself got involved.

The earliest archived version I found on the web was this 2004 goodie (all links in the archive are clickable, though they may take a while – look under newsletters for what we were up to then). This seems to be the earliest time CAA had a website.

Some of the old issues have disappeared (could you consider a Council actually having 0% cycle growth as a target nowadays, as Auckland City Council did in 2004?), some we still face today (still no cycleway over the harbour bridge 8 years later, shame!). Some items that we have mostly achieved – such as making cycling part of (pretty much) all major roading designs. But most of all, we still have the same passion.

Thanks to all who represented CAA then (including those who still volunteer today) – we hope we are making you proud.


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