The AMETI project, aka Pakuranga to Panmure, has been off the radar for a while. Indeed, we haven’t really blogged about it since 2012! But today Auckland Transport announced it has lodged a Notice of Requirement – which is the first step in getting it built.

As the update notes, construction would likely begin 2021 based on current funding, but could happen earlier if funding becomes available.

While this began as a busway project – the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative – it also contains some pretty sweet improvements to pedestrian and cycling facilities, which are well overdue as you’ll know if you’ve ridden out that way. (If you haven’t, read Jo’s account of her journey from Pakuranga to Panmure, with photos of what people on foot and on bikes currently have to deal with…it’s no cakewalk!)

Among the improvements to pedestrian and cycling facilities on the way:

  • Separated cycle paths or shared paths will allow people to walk or cycle off road between Panmure, Pakuranga and onto Pigeon Mountain Road by connecting to the Pakuranga Rotary Walkway
  • Panmure to Pakuranga Road will have a 4.3m wide shared pedestrian and cycle path along Lagoon Drive.
  • Likewise, the Panmure busway bridge will feature a 4.3m shared path.

And Pakuranga road will have a 3m wide cycle path separated from busway and traffic by planted berms and a 2m wide footpath separated from the cycle path. Like so:

Cross section AMETI path
Typical cross-section of the proposed cycling/ walking pathway along Pakuranga Rd.

There’s also a proposed new bus bridge to the north of the current Panmure Bridge, which will feature a wide 4.3m shared cycle and pedestrian path. Compare and contrast the existing bridge…

See what I mean?

Riding on the bridge, taking the lane when I can.


More info can be found on the project website, including some great renderings of what’s proposed.

Proposed busway for Lagoon Drive. Image: AT.
New Panmure intersection. Image: AT.
Proposed busway on Pakuranga Road. Spot the cycleway! Image: AT.
AMETI East Auckland
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2 responses to “Good news for the east: AMETI takes a step forward

  1. The cycle lanes east of the new Tamaki River bridge could be the best in Auckland when they’re built: decent sized planted berm between the cycle lane and the vehicles (and that’s a bus lane not general traffic lane), separated (but not with a physical barrier) from the footpath.. and roll straight across at the side streets. Hopefully those will have raised tables. Anyway since these are cycle lanes not shared paths, presumably the road code rule applies “if you are crossing a cycle lane, give way to cyclists before you cross”…?

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