Gifting Peace for Christmas

Please forgive us for subverting the traditional Christmas message, but it’s in a good cause.

We want you to consider giving a really sturdy bike lock for Christmas so your nearest and dearest have peace of mind from bike theft next year.

Bike thefts in Auckland are at record high levels – e-bikes are the #1 target but we know of pedal bikes disappearing from places with lots of passive supervision. The common theme of most bike thefts are lightweight cable locks that can be snapped  with one swift kick. Believe us, we’ve seen CCTV footage bike from New Lynn Train Station showing how quick and easy it is. Cable cutters are another lethal weapon on these cable locks.

Bike thefts reported last year show this trend, (and remember not all thefts are not recorded) :

  • On average, two bikes are stolen from public places every day.
  • Two-thirds of bike thefts are in the central Auckland area.
  • South, North and West Auckland account for less than a third of the total.
  • Most thefts occur in daylight hours (11am to 6pm).

The concentration of thefts in Central Auckland is partly due to the numbers of bikes out on streets but we have a colleague who had 2 e-bikes stolen from their home in Devonport, so nowhere is safe.

We grieve over every bike theft because it’s gutting to be stranded without a bike, not to mention the thought that your beloved machine is in dishonest hands. Maurice from the Electric Bike Team feels the same – he even dedicated part of his Christmas message to lamenting how many people are coming into his shop to replace stolen e-bikes.

“We are hearing about ebike thefts on a weekly basis now, sometimes daily. Most of these are bikes we sold, which is an awful feeling for us and even worse for the owners. They’re stolen from anywhere – home, work, at the cafe, at the gym. The locks Aucklanders have been using for the past 10 years are no longer appropriate. We’re not at London levels but the time of using lightweight cable locks has passed”

If you want to give your family peace of mind biking next year, a sturdy bike lock is a really thoughtful gift. It may not receive squeals of delight compared with the more exciting presents under the tree, but like a good book, it will give years of lasting rewards.

The effective locks to buy are :

    • Sold Secure silver or gold.
    • ART two-star rating or higher.
    • D-lock.
    • Chain lock, 6mm or better.
    • Folding lock.
    • Recommend for bike serial numbers.

And while you’re at it, make sure your mates record the serial number of their bike (found under the bike between the pedals, and register it with . The Police do receive stolen bikes and are always keen to use the serial numbers to reunite them with their owners.

We know real bike locks are an expensive item, as well as a great investment.

As our Christmas present to our readers we’re giving away 5 D-locks.

Nominate someone who deserves a new bike lock this Christmas to help them lock in the love for their bike. Use the button below to email us a short description explaining what their bike means to them. Nominations close Sunday December 20th (just in time for our bike elves to make their deliveries…)



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