Lights, colour, action! Thursday December 3rd marks the official opening of the Nelson Street bike path. Bike Auckland (aka Cycle Action) invite all people on two wheels (or three, or one) to come up and be the first to see the amazing design and infrastructure collaboration lit up in all its night-time glory.

This is a casual roll-up event. We recommend you arrive from around 7.30pm so that you are ready to hit the Upper Queen / Canada St entrance at 8.00pm. Then we’ll make our way down the steadily widening path to meet the sudden full-scale panorama of harbour and city in time for the sun setting at 8.24pm, and the first lighting of the bridge lights.

Afterward the night is your own. For those going to Bike Rave, it’s a great excuse for a practice ride along the waterfront. Or follow the route down Victoria Street to finish at Rockefeller for champagne & oysters. Or ride a loop back via Pitt Street to join K’ Rd’s First Thursdays event; there will be films showing the length of K’Rd and her surrounding streets – make a night of it!

If you want something to do between work and 7.30, there are a multitude of local places to meet, not least grabbing a bite to eat at the infamous Mercury Food Plaza. We’ll be posting other ideas on the FB event page over the next week and a bit.

One way or another, as soon as this fab new skyway opens, people on bikes are going to “activate” the heck out of this part of town!


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8 responses to “First hoon on Nelson – ride with us!

  1. Hi, I can’t find out what this pink surface is comprised of…. god forbid its just paint, or we’ll end up with a cycle path full of fallen cyclists come the first sign of rain.

    1. It’s the same material as the green that’s used around the place. It’s just coloured pink, rather than green. I recently met Kyle Donegan, GM of Resin Surfaces Ltd in Kumeu ( who laid it down and explained it to me.

  2. This is certainly getting people’s attention. I have quite a few colleagues with bikes already planning to ride up to K Road for dinner before the evening ride, plus family coming along as well – and a few more also for the bike breakfast at the start of the day, and the opening of Nelson Street… can’t recall when I have seen people as excited about a project as about this one (anecdotal I know, but still).

  3. I rode down the Nelson Street cycleway (northbound) for the first time last night. At the Victoria St intersection I pressed the beg button and waited for the light at the opposite corner to turn green. When it did I started moving along the cycle crossing but then cars started going left and right and I realised the light I saw was for the north side crossing. I do remember thinking it was odd that the crossing symbol was a green man but in the dark it was hard to see which crossing it was for.

    1. That’s quite understandable – the same confusion often happens at the diagonal Beach Road cycle crossing, in daylight. Another point against the diagonals, which are a bit of a silly answer to not going ahead and removing parking or reengineering the route properly.

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