Devonport Wharf bike parking – Give us your feedback!

May 27, 2014
Devonport Wharf bike parking – Give us your feedback!


Devonport-Wharf-and-Marine-Square-upgradeDevonport Wharf Terminal is partially gutted to make way for a major makeover, and Auckland Transport is consulting the public about some design elements, eg new canopies, desire lines for a new pathway and a new bus stop shelter.

Many cyclists have commented to me that these are  all very nice, but the issue for them is improved bike parking facilities. This makes a lot of sense, as Devonport is the jewel in the crown of AT’s bike parking facilities for PT.

(The crown is mostly make believe, because PT bike parking has not been AT’s strong point. However, at last we’re working with one of our best contacts at AT to consult the cycling community to achieve fit- for- purpose bike parking at the classy and expensive new Panmure Train and Bus Transport Station).

Back to Devonport – before all of the disruption caused by the current structural strengthening of the Victoria Wharf and the demolition work on the Devonport Wharf and Terminal, Devonport had 120 bike parks, most of which were undercover and had the security of CCTV cameras. This took up relatively little public space – especially when compared with the sea of somewhat ugly car parking area which also accomodated 120 vehicles. I love this comparison as it highlights why AT and the public get such good value from bike parking investment rather than car parking.

The weekend’s queries made me ask AT what is planned for new bike parking for Devonport – and here’s the good news. Space for a new bike shelter has tentatively been allocated near the ferry building, in clear view of the ferry berth, so we can check how much time we have before the ferry departs. At this stage the structure will accomodate 100 bikes. This is fantastic, as it will supplement the other covered spaces that will be retained on the Victoria and Devonport wharves. I estimate that will provide us with nearly 200 good quality – covered and CCTV secured bike parks.

That’s a jewel worth having.!

Here’s the rough sketch- up plan – the text in the box says ‘Possible covered bike parking facility’

Devonport possible bike parking

I’m hoping the parking shelter will be a glass- type material with walls to provide shelter on 3 sides – especially the prevailing SW wind and showers, and the less frequent heavy NE rain dumpers and gales. The long side would ideally be open for easy access, and have a wide eave/ overhang and good CCTV.

What do you all think?

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