Photo Natalie Slade / New Zealand Herald.
Photo Natalie Slade / New Zealand Herald.

Couldn’t not share this great photo of former CAA committee member Julian Hulls (of NextBike bike hire) showing new cyclists the wheels.

A great little story about teaching Nana to ride a bike – and a wonderful advertisement for the cycle events / training courses Auckland Transport is running October to December!

Auckland Transport General News South Auckland
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4 responses to “Dapper cyclist leading the way for newbies

  1. If only auckland council would make public bikes available in the city – I could catch a bus and then use a bike to get around the CBD.

    Alas- I can’t take my bike on a bus!

    Please can we we have public transport bikes- like Nextbike- in Auckland to give us all more transport choices!
    Just been to paris, barcelona, Toulouse – those cities all boast about their Public schemes – not easy for tourists to access (need to pay a deposit) but there for locals to get around.

  2. My 60 yo mother in law hopped on my wife’s bike today (a sit up Avanti) and rode a bike for the first time since she was at school. She loved the bike and said how nice it was to ride so now she is on the lookout for one for herself. Another rider.

  3. I was at the Auckland Ferry Building tonight and at the pedestrian crossing is a bank of 7 or eight Nextbikes … first two hours of cycling is free once you’ve registered!

    1. That was set up by Waterfront Auckland, only two stations so all trips have to be returning to one of those places. It’s great to see rental bikes back out on the streets. Perhaps the council could work to expand this by subsidising the price and providing further depots much as they subsidise innercity parking in their garages. It is their fault after all that the last scheme collapsed.

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