Cyclist’s time now to be worth as much as motorist’s

Cyclist’s time now to be worth as much as motorist’s

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EEM-Chart-2As our friends from Auckland Transport Blog report, NZTA is making a few changes to their Economic Evaluation Manual. Dry stuff for most of you – but quite important, because that EEM is the bible for which project gets money and which doesn’t.

One of the changes is that all traffic modes will now be treated the same in terms of how much one hour of their users is “worth”. At the moment, the system assumes that delays for public transport passengers and cyclists are worth less (and thus projects become less attractive in the calculations). You can see the table at the right.

Now NZTA has announced that the future value will be one and the same across all modes. Another change to get a level playing field.

So its great to know that NZTA’s calculations will now value cyclists time as much as motorists! What a shame (not!) that we pretty much never get stuck in bicycle traffic jams, or we could use that to ask for more cycleways. Motorists have been using that particular trick for ages.

What do you think? When and where will we first get cyclist congestion in Auckland?

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