A few weeks ago Lachlan Forsyth, reporter for Campbell Live and a regular commuter cyclist, asked me to feature in a film on cycle pinchpoints.

He was prompted to do the programme by a number of near misses with cars on Dominion Rd pinchpoint – part of the route of his daily ride to work. I offered Auckland Transport the chance to bring Randhir Karma on with me, as he is working with us on our quick fix pinch point project.

Bad weather delayed Lachlan from doing his webcam filming sequences. As luck would have it, this meant that he has finished it just in time to be screened tonight, one day after our attendance at the Coroner’s inquest on Jane Bishop’s tragic crash on Tamaki Drive.

Hope you get time to see it tonight, or now also on-line here [Updated].

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6 responses to “‘Campbell Live’ covers cycling pinch points tonight [updated]

  1. Not sure whether you are kidding, or asking seriously, geoff… in any case, the (or one of the) ones we are referring to is the one just north of George Street, where the three lanes north create a very narrow kerb lane.

    We had a cyclist report to us that she had been knocked off her bike there.

  2. hmm.. I dont think its that bad.. I travel it every day on a bicycle or a motorbike..

    One of the biggest issues on dominion rd is people crossing the traffic and not giving way to buses/bikes in the bus lane.. and people pulling left into the bus lane to go around someone turning right into a side road.. either the turning lanes are very small or people are just useless drivers..

    Nothing more terrifying than finding a 2.5 tonne vehicle suddenly swerving into your lane to avoid someone turning right whom you can not see..

    1. Dominion road turning lanes are extremely narrow, AND some people are useless drivers.

      At least the turning lanes and bus lane widths will be improved if the Dominion Road upgrade project will ever get off the ground.

  3. There are at least half a dozen pinch points along Sandringham. It is great to be able to cycle relatively safety in the bus lanes, but pretty scary when you come to a large lump concrete built out into the road to allow the occasional pedestrian to cross safely. Especially when the gap left is not much wider than a bus.

    Possibly a solution is remove the curb side build ups and use a flexible barrier to give cyclists a channel to ride through and keep them from having to merge with traffic. Like this on the NZTA website. http://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/cycle-network-and-route-planning/img/6-21-speed-cushions.jpg

    I would also like to suggest, No Parking in the likes of Sandringham shops and shops on Sandringham Rd at Ethel/Burley Rd Shops during rush hours. Combined with a smooth passage through the pedestrian crossings Sandringham Road would be a lot more cyclist friendly and safer.

    1. Hello Tim

      Fully agree on kerb build-outs. I already find it scary enough to have heavy vehicles like trucks and buses “breathing down my neck”, but to have to either brake hard or get into their way while they overtake me, that’s just an added hassle nobody needs.

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