Buy-Cycle Te Atatu: a ‘photo/shop’ contest!

Mar 08, 2019
Buy-Cycle Te Atatu: a ‘photo/shop’ contest!

Bike Auckland

More people on bikes means more people stopping in – and spending up! – at local shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars. We know it, the stats show it, but how to get that message across to our friends and neighbours?

The punny legends of Bike Te Atatu have come up with a very clever way to showcase the value of shoppers on wheels, and celebrate the joy of shopping by bike: a photo contest called ‘Buy-Cycle Te Atatu.’

It’s easy. All you have to do is shop by bicycle in Te Atatu (Peninsula or South) in March, take a photo of your trip, upload it to social media using the hashtag #buycycleteatatu, and be in to win prize money to spend at the shops.

Best of all: at the end of the month, the photos will be printed and featured in an exhibition at the community centre.

This creative project was dreamed up by Bike Te Atatu, and funded by Auckland Transport’s Community Bike Fund. And, dare we say it, this is an idea with wheels – one we expect to see spread through neighbourhoods across the city.

We look forward to seeing the results at the exhibition in April. In the meantime, if you’re keen to take part, Te Atatu is conveniently located along the Northwestern Cycleway, and is home to a fabulous variety of great places to shop, both north and south of the motorway. Off you go!

How the competition works

  • Your photo must be taken between 1st and 31st March, somewhere in Te Atatu Peninsula or Te Atatu South, showing that you have shopped by bicycle. For example, your bike outside a shop, cafe, restaurant, bar or local business; your helmet and your purchase inside the shop; your bike and your purchase posed somewhere else in the area. Be creative!
  • You can enter as many trips/photos as you like and each entry qualifies for the prize draw.
  • You can add any caption you like to the photo: we may print some or all of these when we print the photos.

For Instagram/ Twitter users: upload with the hashtag #buycycleteatatu. (Your account must be unlocked so we can see it!). Or, if you’re on Facebook, upload your image to Bike Te Atatu’s Facebook page:, with the hashtag #buycycleteatatu. In each case, make sure you’re uploading an HD version of the photo.

Come and see the exhibition in April!

The exhibition of all photos submitted will run April 1-13 at the Te Atatu Peninsula Community Centre, using the hallway outside the library as a gallery. The community centre is normally open as follows:

Monday – Wednesday 9am-5pm
Thursday 9am-7pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-3pm
Closed on Sunday

(Note: sometimes events mean that doors may be open outside these times, so it’s worth popping in if you’re passing.)

Bikes, dairies, and lolly mixes: a classic Kiwi combo since ages ago! (Image: Bike Te Atatu)
Doing the fruit and veg run on a bike – a great way to keep ourselves and our local greengrocers thriving. (Image: Bike Te Atatu)
How many customers can fit in one parking space? Lots. The answer is lots. (Image: Bike Te Atatu. )

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