Bunch cyclists leading the way for safer Tamaki Drive

The City’s most popular cycling route, Tamaki Drive, used by nearly 1,100 recreational, commuter and tourist cyclists everyday is about to become a model cycling route. A group of highly experienced road cyclists have volunteered to help manage the growing numbers of people cycling on the road, to help ensure cycling safety and good relations with other road users.

Mark Taylor from Mt Eden Cycles, Terry Baucher and Murray Vaile from the Devonport Xpressos are aware the size of bunches is a potential safety issue. They have offered to liase with local bike shops to address this and ensure riding etiquette is observed. Other safety ideas include discouraging the use of i-pods while cycling.

Mark Taylor comments ‘We are keen to help improve road safety and courtesy, as we value Tamaki Drive and want it to offer the best cycling conditions. We plan to consult road cycling bike shops to get their support and to spread the message to the cycling community’.

Inspector Gavin McDonald paid tribute at the meeting to the cyclists’ leadership, by referring to rogue behaviour across the road user spectrum.  ‘I see pedestrians who horrify drivers by walking into traffic, only metres from a crossing, and motorists who roar past cyclists, when they could easily pause, and pass when they have space. Enforcement is not the only way to change behavior. The sooner we follow this lead to show courtesy and respect on the road, the better our road culture will be.’

Other ideas to come from the meeting include a hot line for more rapid response to hazards on the road, including glass; an on-line cycling survey of the actual level of injuries and hazards on Tamaki Drive and extending the programme to involve pedestrians and motorists.

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