Bunch cycling skills lessons

Keen to feel more confident cycling in a bunch? Want to learn skills to help keep you safe? Maybe you have entered the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge for the first time?

Then this is for you!

We invite you to register for a pilot programme of two sessions designed to help you ride more safely and with more confidence in groups of cyclists.

The sessions will be held on consecutive Sunday mornings at Point England, Tamaki on Sunday, 6 and Sunday 13 November.

Auckland Transport has engaged a group of experienced cyclists and the support of Mt Eden Cycles and other reputable cycle shops to bring this programme to you. There is a nominal fee of $10 per person per session.

To register or to ask any questions please contact our Skills Coach, Daymon Shack, at bunchridingskills@gmail.com

Bunch riding is cycling in a group, possibly as small as two people, (ie you and one other). Bunch riding offers advantages over riding solo. Not only do you have company, but you can draft off the person in front of you reducing the effort you have to make. The group will go faster than a solo rider. To enjoy the benefits of being in a bunch you need to feel comfortable riding close to other cyclists. There are a numberof skills that can be easily learned to help give you confidence and keep you safe.

Join us

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