Bikes on buses popular on Waiheke!

Bikes on buses popular on Waiheke!


Just a short note from off-shore – The 3 bike racks recently installed on the front of Fullers’ buses on Waiheke have proven highly popular. On the right (Photo: Gill Alcock, Waiheke Marketplace) you can see the smiling chairs of Cycle Action Waiheke and Cycle Action Auckland, together with representatives from the Local Board and Fullers, when the racks were installed some weeks ago.

Following the success of the bus bike racks, Fullers have now cancelled the trial.

Okay, got you there, didn’t we? Early April Fools. The reason Fullers decided to declare the trial over is because they have already decided that the racks are so popular, they have ordered a whole new load of further racks. These will go to outfit buses on other Waiheke routes. We hear that the bike racks are already in the air from overseas, and may in fact even have arrived in NZ by now. So be ready to see them rolled out on even more routes on Waiheke. Oh, and taking your bike to Waiheke is free on Fullers’ ferries. Way to go – three cheers for Fullers!

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