Bike Devonport – cycling as transport

Bike Devonport – cycling as transport


Bike Devonport 1Recently, Chris Werry (CAA’s new representative for the Takapuna-Deonport local board area) and I started up a new group for people who enjoy cycling in Devonport. We based the idea on the very successful Bike Te Atatu group and so, inevitably, it is called Bike Devonport.

We realise this isn’t a very inclusive name for people in Takapuna, Milford or Sunnynook but we couldn’t think of a more inclusive name and Devonport is a well known and strong cycling area.

If you would be interested in getting involved in Bike Devonport, whether you live in the area or not, please join up via Bike Devonport’s Facebook page.

The group is very much focussed on cycling as a transport option and in particular to make cycling a safe and fun option for children. We want to see cycling as an option for the 8-80 demographic.

Bike Devonport 2

One of the first projects we are hoping to get support on is the micro projects initiative. Chris has already presented to the Local Board on this and has received a very positive response. The idea is to identify cheap and easy improvements to the street environment in the Takapuna-Devonport area that would encourage cycling. These are not intended to be major changes but ones that could be actioned on the next street refresh or maintenance round by Auckland Transport with some extra cost.

Please join the group and support cycling as a safe and convenient option.

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