Bike Auckland is now on Benevity! 

We work every day to ensure that the voice of all people who ride bikes (or want to) is heard. We use all donations carefully in our efforts to make a better future for people on bikes.

Did you know that if you work for a corporation or a big company, you could be using corporate donation matching when you support Bike Auckland? We’re encouraging our supporters who work for corporations to find out if your employer does corporate donation matching so that your donations can go further. Read on to find out more.

What is corporate donation matching?

Corporate donation matching means that your workplace can opt to double your donation to Bike Auckland, for free. You donate $5, your workplace adds another $5, and Bike Auckland gets to do $10 worth of advocacy for people on bikes! All you need to do is make sure that your donations are properly registered through your workplace, if they support donation matching.

To that end, we’ve recently become registered on Benevity. Benevity is one of the major charitable platforms that connects individuals, charities, and companies to streamline workplace giving and volunteering. You can double your donations to Bike Auckland in just a few minutes. If you’re a Bike Auckland volunteer and your company offers paid volunteering time, you can also use Benevity to register your paid volunteer hours.

How to donate with Benevity

Start by checking whether your employer is part of the Benevity network. Many corporations worldwide use Benevity to manage their corporate social responsibility programs. If your employer is registered with Benevity, you can create an account through your workplace, usually through their single sign on.

Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to search for Bike Auckland in the list of available charities to donate to, or register your paid volunteer hours if you’re a volunteer.

Check your employer’s donation matching policies on Benevity. Companies may have specific guidelines, like matching donation amounts up to a certain limit.

After making your donation, start the corporate matching process. Benevity provides a simple interface for submitting matching requests. Follow the prompts to ensure your employer is notified and can process the matching contribution.

Benevity also issues tax receipts through their platform. All donations above $5 are tax deductible.

Thank you!

We couldn’t fulfil our mission for a truly bikeable city through advocating, advising on best practice and and activating neighbourhoods without your support.

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Bike Auckland is the non-profit organisation working to improve things for people on bikes. We’re a people-powered movement for a better region. We speak up for you – and the more of us there are, the stronger our voice!

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