Sadly, as set out here, this post now appears to have been in error. Our apologies.

Carita-FelizWe finally have had confirmation that Auckland Council last week passed a serious increase in walking & cycling funding. The new annual plan 2014-15 has set aside 32 million (!) for walking and cycling, and got approved last week.

The document is not online yet, but we’ve had Council confirm (thanks Christopher Dempsey!).

It is a bit difficult to compare this to last year’s (as that contained lots of individual items, while this time, the walking & cycling funding is mostly in one single line item) but from memory, the increase is somewhere between two and three times (!) the previous funding. Furthermore, there’s also chances these increases could be here to stay, with Council reported to seriously consider doubling or tripling cycle funding for the whole 2015-2018 LTP (next 3 yr funding period).

This means a lot of projects that were “on the cards” already will now be able to proceed much more quickly. Considering that I am personally aware of, for example, four (!) protected cycle lane projects that could well be in place within 12 months (one having started building on Monday), the news is particularly welcome. This boost comes at the right time indeed.

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12 responses to “Big-time cycle funding increase passed CORRECTED

  1. Thanks Max for breaking this. I’m really looking forward to seeing the details when it’s released. We’ve git a lot of catching up to do in Auckland so this increase will be welcomed.

    1. I suspect the annual plan itself won’t have much detail – it’s a line item. Essentially, cash for AT to spend on various projects that are ready to go, I would say.

  2. Fantastic stuff! This came out of the blue for me and it is really starting to feel like the tide is turning in favou of all of us who love cycling.

    Great work Auckland Council.

    1. It came a bit out of the blue for most of us. We had heard that the coming 3-year plan might increase significantly, but hadn’t really thought it would start a year early. Nice change from usual, for this one.

  3. Not before time but credit where its due – well done council. Money now officially where the mouth is. If they use this money wisely I have no doubt it will really help to unleash Auckland’s cycling potential and many good things will flow from there.

  4. Good on Auckland Council and all those who have advocated over the last however many years for more spend on cycling and walking. 32 million! Very nice! With some projects already underway such as the Grafton Gully link to the wonderful north-western cycleway, Skypath making good progress and the launching of the exciting Nelson Street off-ramp project, we can now look forward to more cyclists out and about, more and better safer cycling routes and more buy-in to the active transport modes from other Aucklanders.

    1. Gen Zero definitely also need a mention for their awesome campaigns for more / better cycle funding!

      1. And you and Barb might take some credit yourself there Max!

        You guys are out there putting the pressure on and talking to the right people day in and day out. When the revolution comes (and I can hear the distant rumble of it already), it will be thanks to people like you.

  5. This sounds like good news and a good boost for much needed cycling infrastructure.

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