Auckland Transport advertises for Walking and Cycling Manager

Auckland Transport advertises for Walking and Cycling Manager


Auckland Transport has asked us to help look for a new Walking and Cycling Manager.

The role description is:

You will lead the Walking and Cycling team who have responsibility for prioritisation, development, delivery and promotion of safe, sustainable and integrated walking and cycle initiatives that improve safety and increase the number of people walking and cycling.

The key to your success in this role will be your ability to provide strategic thinking to promote walking and cycling within existing transport frameworks and leverage expenditure to deliver high quality outcomes. To deliver on the walking and cycling programme strong relationships must be forged with internal and external stakeholders that include NZ Transport Agency, Walking and Cycling advocates, Engineering and Planning service providers, NZ Police and Ministry of Transport.

If you think someone you know may be right for this position, please pass it on (or apply yourself of course).

Obviously CAA is excited that AT is looking for someone who is so focused on collaborating to be strategic for active modes. We look forward to working with whoever the lucky applicant is.



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