Around the World by Bicycle

Jan 26, 2012
Around the World by Bicycle

Bike Auckland

Pablo Garcia, is an Argentinean cyclist on a world tour and has just arrived in Auckland after pedalling 101,000 km.

The project, “Around the World by Bicycle” aims to document the different cultures and their way of living experienced by Pablo in his travels.

Recognized by U.N.D.P., The Argentine Ministry of Education and Argentine Sports Secretariat, Mr Garcia has been cycling for the last ten years in 77 countries through South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

His plan is to cycle from Auckland to East Cape, and by the east coast to Wellington. Then the South Island by the two coasts, arriving back to Auckland by the end of March. He then intends to fly to North America, to cycle back to his home-land in Argentina.

To know more about the project: “Around the world by bicycle” you can visit the websites where you can see international media relations, public opinions, video material, photos and travel commentaries.

He support his trip he is selling a book documenting his travels. Pablo can be contacted via his website.
The photo is in Gobi desert, Mongolia, in 2010

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