Any Cantabrians cycling around Auckland?

Christchurch Cycling MapWe know there are a few people from Christchurch up here in Auckland, whether staying temporarily or having moved here for good (at least for now).

Well, here’s your chance to do something good for your heartland: support the proposal by Christchurch’s mayor to spend 69 million in the next 3 years – on a network of 13 cycleways “for all ages and abilities” criss-crossing the city.

Just think of this – the 3 year plan’s proposed cycle funding has jumped from 5.5 million to almost 69 million, increasing by a literal order of magnitude (you are probably sick of earthquake-related comments, but that one is a shake-up you may like!).

So we are calling all people in Auckland with links to Christchurch to submit in favour of the cycle spending (or, if you don’t have the 2-3 minutes to fill in the official submission, please join the corresponding petition linked to in the first link above). Make Aucklanders even more envious of Christchurch cyclists!

Matai Street West

[Image Credit: ViaStrada – Many Thanks]

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