Back to Bike School – bike classes & workshops for beginners

Feb 03, 2016
Back to Bike School – bike classes & workshops for beginners

Bike Auckland

The beginning of the year is a great time to get started – or restarted – on riding a bike. The weather’s great, and  February is Bike Month, so there are plenty of opportunities and lots of back-up. For starters and for motivation, you can join the Auckland Bike Challenge at any point during the month. This year it’s all about sharing the fun of biking – you “win” by taking the most workmates for a ride. And any ride counts; you don’t have to be an epic commuter or sporty spice; you can just bike to the shop or train station or a friend’s place. Any excuse for a quick jaunt… easy as, and a great way for old hands to be bike buddies for fresh faces.

A bit rusty, or absolutely brand new to riding? Auckland Transport runs FREE classes for adult beginners and newish riders across the city. All the details (including how to register) are on this page – and on Facebook via Cycling’s the Go. Here are the upcoming opportunities at a glance…

Beginner Bike Training for Adults – these are for anyone starting from scratch, or feeling a bit wobbly after a long time off the bike, but keen to get back in the saddle. No need to be shy, or feel that you’re the wrong shape or size – bikes are for everybody!


Cycling on the Road – An Introduction. This is for you if you’re already fairly comfortable on off-road paths, but want to widen your options and (re)gain confidence about riding on the street.

ATbikingonroadclassesCity Riding – This course introduces you to the various types of cycling facility in the city. You’ll need to BYO roadworthy bike for this one:


And everyone can benefit from basic skills in Bike Care and Maintenance –  bike repair 101, showing you how to do a basic bike inspection, how to keep your bike clean and in good working order, and how to change a flat:


You might also want to check out the wonderful Tumeke Cycle Space, the DIY community-run workshop in Newton. A great place to learn some bike repair skills in a friendly, low-stress environment that’s especially welcoming to women.

There you go. Let’s get started!

PS if it’s bike training for kids that you’re after, keep an eye on Bubs and Bikes via their Facebook page or on Auckland Transport’s website.



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