529 Garage

529 Garage is a community-run bike registration and recovery service. It’s free and secure and helps to get bikes that are stolen back to their owners. Widespread 529 Garage use has the power to make bike theft inconvenient and unprofitable, dampening the stolen bike market.

It takes only a few minutes to register your bike and is easy to do with 529 Garage.

Register your bike on the web or download the app at:

A 529 shield is an optional, tamper-resistant, weather-resistant decal that has a unique, seven-character ID code that adds an extra identifier and layer of protection for your bike.

The shield sends a warning to bike thieves to back off because there will be a whole community of people who get notified if it ever goes missing.

The shield is tamper-resistant which means that once your shield is placed, it is very difficult to remove without leaving obvious signs of tampering. It is weather-resistant, withstanding the wear and tear of the environmental elements.

If your bike is stolen, the police or a would-be buyer is able to look your bike up on 529 Garage using the shield code or the bike’s serial number. This will help you to get your bike back, and makes selling stolen bikes less profitable.

Read more about 529 Garage, how it helps to reduce bike theft, and other ways to keep your bike safe here.

You can purchase your 529 shield online through our webstore here.

In Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) you can also purchase them at the following bike shops: the Electric Bike Team (Central), Electrify Central, Electrify Albany, Clycycles (Henderson), and MEC Mt Eden.

If you’re in Canterbury, find out more about 529 shields here.

If you’re in Pōneke (Wellington), find out more about 529 shields here.


Will you help us spread word about 529 Garage and keep people’s bikes safe? Email us at 529@bikeauckland.org.nz for posters and other resources!


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