Will this be every weekend in summer ? Ciclovia 2014

Feb 10, 2014
Will this be every weekend in summer ? Ciclovia 2014


These words were heard all around Quay St on Saturday. “Will this be happening every weekend in summer, now?” It seems such a sweet and naive thought to all of us who know how long it has taken to get the Ciclovia off the ground. But it ‘s not such a wild idea. Look at how the creative stars of Waterfront Auckland have given us the liberty to use the waterfront so that it really belongs to the people. We know if it was left in their hands we’d have a Ciclovia every weekend – easy as!


CongratulationCiclovia Velociteers 2014s to WA, Auckland Council and AT for making  it happen – here’s a taste of how it went off!  (Note those    talented Velociteers, plus Jena and Ben from Cycle Action)Ciclovia 2014 Jena&Ben      We hear that now is the time to go onto the Council and AT website to ask for more – more – more! Don’t worry that it refers to reporting a problem – tell them you loved the Ciclovia and the only problem is you need another every weekend for the rest of the summer. There’s nothing like being too successful!

Ciclovia msg 2014

Ciclovia 2014 Quay St

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