From wheelchair to bike – Kelly’s amazing recovery

Nov 22, 2017
From wheelchair to bike – Kelly’s amazing recovery

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We love hearing stories from our readers. They take us places we might not otherwise go – like on epic bike trips here or abroad. Or they show us something we’ve lost sight of, like memories of youthful hijinks or how the city looks through a child’s eyes. Or they share the power of bikes to carry us through difficult times and out the other side.

Here’s a story that fits into that last category – and how! To learn more about Kelly’s inspiring journey, visit her Facebook page.  

My name is Kelly Munford. In 2011, I had a serious car crash which resulted in me breaking my neck, breaking my pelvis, and suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury. I now do presentations to teenagers around Auckland, aiming to prevent such things from happening to others.

Kelly’s car, after the crash.

I have been on such a journey. I learnt to walk again, and then I was given a trike to give me some more independence. Getting on the trike for the first time felt amazing.

Kelly on her trike.

My friend asked my physio at the time, ‘When will Kelly be able to ride a two-wheel bike?’ Her response was ‘NEVER.’ Joke’s on her!!

Kelly back on two wheels!

Riding a bike was made possible with the help of my Functional Neurologist Carina Calder. I’m super thankful to Carina.

This year, I’ve been for an 11km ride along Tamaki Drive, and I rode in the Roskill Heritage Ride in October.

Now, I ride my bike wherever and whenever I can, all over Auckland.

Here’s a link to my page, if you wish to follow my journey. 

Kelly at Long Bay.
Kelly on top of the world.

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