What infrastructure is required to attract new cyclists?

This NZTA research investigated what type of cycling infrastructure would encourage new cyclists to use cycling as their mode of transport for daily activities.

Unsurprisingly, the research showed that safety was the most significant issue for potential cyclists, particularly in relation to vehicle driver behaviour and traffic volume. Other significant issues included having facilities at the destination for showering and changing, enjoyment, and the perception that car drivers are not courteous.

The solutions that were most likely to effect a significant change in cycle numbers related to the nature and consistency of infrastructure, and education for motor vehicle drivers and cyclists on how to best and safely use it. The researchers recommended that along with a number of other cycling-supportive steps, planners could develop a comprehensive, consistent network of cycle-only paths with separation from motor vehicles, and with dedicated intersection facilities such as hook turns and cycle signals.

To download the full research report, click here (NZTA)

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