What does NZ bicycle culture look like?

Overflowing cycle parking at the University of Auckland
Overflowing cycle parking at the University of Auckland

As people who are pro-cycling, we often talk about creating a bicycle culture and what that would mean for NZ. But what would a bicycle culture in NZ really look like?

An answer for me came in the way of Luke Christensen’s great Twitter photo on the right here showing the overflowing cycle parking at the University of Auckland.

It brought to mind the old bike sheds at school (an experience that Millenials have largely been denied). It also invoked memories from the Netherlands and Denmark of the cycle parking “problem” (a problem those countries are glad to have!) around popular cycling destinations like railway stations.

[Is that a tree growing through the middle?]
The Dutch cycle parking “problem” in Groningen
The latent demand is there, the young people are champing at the bit. All we need to do is make people feel safe and appreciated as cyclists. The answer: infrastructure, infrastructure and more…infrastructure.

Let’s dig ourselves out of this auto dependent hole and get people on the ultimate urban travel machine, a bicycle!

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