What CAA thinks of the draft Unitary Plan

What CAA thinks of the draft Unitary Plan

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Paperwork Copyright CC-BY-SA-3.0 By PizarrosSometimes we manage to put out blog posts ahead of major submission deadlines guiding our members and friends to what we feel they should support.

For the draft Unitary Plan, we didn’t do so well getting this out early. In fact, we joined the many who only came to the party at the last minute.

But still, our committee didn’t miss the chance to weigh in – read the full text of the submission here. Key themes of the submission from Cycle Action Auckland were:

  • Less sprawl please – concentrate on brownfields over greenfields
  • Put managing transport first, before spending billions on new (roading) infrastructure
  • Climate change – where’s that in the actual plan’s implementation?
  • Car parking – why do we still keep minimum parking rates?
  • Cycle parking – retail also needs cycle parking & more clarity needed on secure bike parking

PS: We had a member on our Facebook page express concern that we would link to “such a shallow form” regarding the Unitary Plan submission as that produced by “Generation Zero”. And imply that we shouldn’t think all our members were the type that GenZero targets (Who DO they target? Aren’t they, too, speaking to everyone?)

Hey – there’s many pages and blogs around who discussed the Unitary Plan in more exhausting detail than we could manage at this stage, most of all Auckland Transport Blog. Yet our post was aimed specifically at people who DIDN’T have the time to do the research, or draft a long personal submission, yet were still willing to stand up and be counted.

Those people were the target of the post – and if some supported the GenZero main ideas (many of which CAA generally also supports), and used their form to add to the submissions, then it was a good use of a post! No regrets.

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