Welcome to our new Volunteer and Events Manager

Welcome to our new Volunteer and Events Manager

Bike Auckland

We love Angie’s enthusiasm for all things biking and can’t wait for her to make her mark at Bike Auckland and for people on bikes in Tāmaki Makarau.

1. What is your first memory on a bike?
When I was 4, the exhilaration of the success from moving off my training wheels. Shortly after, falling over and losing some teeth.   
2. What type of bike do you ride?
Road bike (called ‘red rocket’)
3. Where is your favourite place to ride in Auckland?
City-bound along Tamaki drive
4. What attracted you to working for Bike Auckland?
I was inspired by passionate members at the first Bike Champions Forum and that my efforts contribute to our collective mission for safe cycling outcomes in Auckland. Plus, the friendly and supportive crew and leadership team!
5. What is involved in your role?
Events wise, planning and delivering events such as the renowned Bike Valet, Biketober and path openings. Watch this space!
Volunteer wise, supporting new and existing volunteers to feel like you have a sense of purpose, belonging and welcomed through implementing onboarding processes. Speak to me if you have ideas!

6. What’s your big, no limits, dream for Auckland?
That cycling will become the norm, supported by safe infrastructure, density done right, and people are surprised when you drive a car!
7. And to end, a question that’s not about biking…crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
People eat smooth peanut butter?!

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