Watch out for blindspots – an eye-opening workshop

Jul 05, 2016
Watch out for blindspots – an eye-opening workshop

Bike Auckland

As part of the 2WalkandCycle conference happening this week, Richard Barter is running a workshop to raise awareness about the blind spots of large vehicles – and how to cycle safely around them.

The session is aimed at conference delegates, but if you happen to be in town and you’re curious, you’re very welcome to come along.

If you saw Richard’s ‘big rig’ set-up at K Rd Open Streets, you’ll know how eye-opening it is to realize just how much a driver of one of these big vehicles can’t see. It’s extremely useful knowledge, especially as over the next few years, there will be more and more heavy vehicle movements through the central city, even as AT races to catch up with building the protected cycleways we need to keep riders safely separated from heavier traffic.

The workshop takes place on Thursday 7th July, at 3.45pm in the carpark of the old Civic Building in Aotea Square, at the bottom of Greys Avenue. See below for more details.

Here’s Richard Barter with the big rig, and his cargo bike. Believe it or not – the bike cannot be seen from the cab of the truck.


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