Waiting for a Congestion Free Network for cycling?

Cycle Module TeaserAround a month ago, we first announced that – together with Auckland Transport Blog and Generation Zero – we are working on the “cycle module” for the Congestion Free Network created by these groups.

Two weeks ago, a sneak peek was given to Council’s Transport Committee – they received the honor mainly because we were almost done, and their last meeting this election cycle was coming up. It was a middlin’ success – let us say the profile of cycling still needs to rise a bit more with our politicians, but we were well aware of that!

However, we’ll have to apologise for teasing YOU a little bit longer. Currently, we’re still polishing our material (it has gone a lot further than the work-in-progress material you see at the top right tough – those images are also just to tease you…). There will be some more work especially our maps, to get them to the same great visual standard as the GenZero produced versions for the PT CFN network.

With the election keeping everyone deeply busy (we are returning GenZero’s favor by assisting on their campaign there), we decided to postpone the public launch of the cycle module until after the election – and instead target the new 3 year cycle, instead of the old one.

Related good news is that we have gotten Matter urban design to help us with some cool perspectives / hand-painted visuals for our example cycleways, showing how true world-class bikeways in Auckland will look. All will be revealed in a few weeks.

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