SkyPath - Policy Comparison

Question: How should SkyPath be funded?

Q4. THE MISSING LINK for walking and cycling in our biggest city is the Auckland Harbour Bridge. SkyPath aims to bridge the gap – as a public-private partnership, with tolls for entry.

Should the SkyPath project be fast-tracked – or delivered differently?


Hon Simon Bridges, Minister of Transport

“We’ve worked closely with Auckland Council and other stakeholders on this important project for Auckland. Auckland Council and other stakeholders are actively pursuing the PPP model which is the preferred option. While this process is occurring we are not considering other funding options. If the current funding model wasn’t viable we could consider it as part of a future Urban Cycleways Programme, if the plan is technically feasible and supported by a sound business case.”


Michael Wood MP, Transport Spokesperson

“Labour wants to see SkyPath happen because it will be an amazing asset for Auckland, and because it completes a vital link in our growing network of safe walk and cycle paths. That’s why we’ve committed $30 million towards funding it as a toll-free pathway.”


Julie Anne Genter MP, Transport Spokesperson

“We will fund it entirely from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF). We have been committed to this since before the 2014 elections. It makes no sense to toll people walking and cycling.”


Marama Fox MP, Transport Spokesperson

“We do not have a specific position on the SkyPath project.”


Denis O’Rourke, MP Transport Spokesperson and MP



Geoff Simmons, Deputy Leader and Transport Spokesperson

“If transport were funded correctly, SkyPath would most likely be fully funded from the National Land Transport Fund.”


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