Safer Streets - Policy Comparison

Question: How shall we make our streets safer for everyone?

Q3. SAFER STREETS are at the heart of Vision Zero – a growing international road safety approach that aims to eliminate road fatalities entirely.

With New Zealand’s national road toll trending back upwards, is it time for Vision Zero in New Zealand?

If not, how does your party propose to achieve safer streets for everyone who uses them, including those on bikes?



Hon Simon Bridges, Minister of Transport

“National is committed to lifting the standard of roads and making them safer for motorists. In Budget 2017 we invested $9.17 billion in roading projects all around New Zealand which will deliver 540 new lane kilometres of state highways, dual carriageways and motorways. We are delivering the Roads of National Significance which includes seven of our most essential routes. This projects will reduce congestion, improve safety and support economic growth.

We’ve also invested in an Accelerated Regional Roading Package which provides an additional $212 million to accelerate a number of regionally important state highway projects. We are also investing in a number of safety initiatives including the $600 million Safer Roads Programme to deliver a series of nationwide safety projects to approximately 90 high-risk sites on rural state highways in 14 regions across New Zealand.”


Michael Wood MP, Transport Spokesperson

“Labour is really concerned that the road toll is on track to increase for the fourth year in a row after decades of decline. Sadly, many pedestrians and cyclists are included within the toll. We are really inspired by the idea of Vision Zero and are keen to work with Councils and other key stakeholders. The key is moving beyond a goal to real implementation of the measures that will create safer streets which involves behavioural change, changes to rules such as speed limits, and hard engineering.”


Julie Anne Genter MP, Transport Spokesperson

“We will make Vision Zero and road safety a key priority of transport policy and funding, and we will make the basis default of our street design in all our towns and cities the CROW Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic 2016 and the NACTO Global Street Design Guide. We would require all road controlling authorities to adopt street design guides such as the one currently being drafted by Auckland Council, based on CROW and NACTO.”


Marama Fox MP, Transport Spokesperson

“We agree NZ needs to do as much as possible to reduce and eliminate deaths and injuries caused by road crashes.  The thousands of families and whanau who have lost loved ones to motor vehicle crashes would all point to the need for greater education, engineering advances and enforcement policies that reduce the road toll.

The Maori Party will aim to make collaboration and prioritisation easier between those organisations responsible for the planning, delivery, operation and maintenance of the nation’s road network, leading to a more efficient and safer network and improved value for money.

The goal would be to eliminate death and injury caused by crashes, and to provide a more consistent level of service across the country for road users, whether they are using public transport, driving a vehicle, are cyclists or pedestrians.”


Denis O’Rourke, MP Transport Spokesperson and MP

“We support the Vision Zero approach and also the living streets principles.”


Geoff Simmons, Deputy Leader and Transport Spokesperson

“TOP is happy to commit to the Vision Zero approach.”


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