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Marja Lubeck – LABOUR

Marja Lubeck is standing for Labour in the Rodney electorate.

More kids on bikesCurrently only 2% of Kiwi kids ride a bike to school. Is lifting this number a priority? If so, how will we get there?

I am from Holland, a country with traditionally a high number of people on bikes. Most kids will ride their bikes to school (admittedly a bit easier though in a flat country and with bike lanes galore…). I believe it is important to get more kids on bikes to school, as it is good for their health, and helps with traffic congestion.

To ensure more kids can ride a bike to school we need to ensure a safe cycle infrastructure so that parents have a level of comfort that their children will be safe. Labour supports significantly increased investment in separated cycleways, shared paths around schools, and programmes within schools to encourage kids to get on their bikes.


Bike-friendly citiesWhat would you do to make it easier for Aucklanders (in your electorate, and beyond) to choose bike travel?

We believe in ‘real transport choice’ for Aucklanders. People should have the option to travel safely by bike if they so choose to.

Labour supports a true multi-modal and integrated transport system. We cannot go on investing in large roading projects and expect congestion to get better. Major investment in other options such as cycling, walking, and public transport are needed to unclog our roads and get Auckland moving.
We are committed to providing Aucklanders with safe cycling infrastructure. We will renew the Urban cycleways fund and ensure that important cycle projects are completed around the city. We know that when we provide safe cycle infrastructure, people will use it.

We will work with Council and the cycling community to link some of the key existing cycleways around Auckland so that people can construct safe cycling journeys around the city.

We’ll also work with public and private sector bodies to encourage them to make cycling viable for people. (eg providing secure cycle storage, shower facilities, etc to make it easier for people to consider cycling as an option for transport).


Safer streetsHow would you make streets (in your electorate and beyond) safer for everyone who uses them, including those on bikes?

We need safe cycling infrastructure such as separated cycleways. Labour support ongoing driver education about sharing the road safely and ensuring that cyclists have the space they need to be safe.

There are also a number of innovative programmes that we would like to see rolled out more widely, such as the NZTA education programme that educates truck drivers about how to drive safely around cyclists.


Fave place to rideWhere’s your favourite place to ride a bike in Auckland?

I have to admit that I haven’t been on a bike (in NZ that is) for some years. I do bike around Holland when I visit family. Living in a very hilly neighbourhood and on a rural gravel road, it is not something I consider at the moment.

However, in my old neighbourhood of Mt Albert, I have seen some cool cycleways being constructed and in the past I enjoyed putting my young son with my on the bike in his little seat, and biking around Western Springs. The first part of that journey (biking to the park) I felt was in the past quite risky along St Lukes Rd, but now with the cycleways it would have been a much safer and enjoyable ride.

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