More Kids on Bikes - Policy Comparison

Question: How can we get more kids on bikes?

Kids on bikes were once a staple of the school run –  but over the past 25 years, the number of Kiwi kids riding bikes to school has plummeted to a historic low of 2%. And yet, we know our shared future depends on everyone having easy, healthy, sustainable transport choices.

Our question: How will your party empower more kids – and indeed more New Zealanders of all ages – to choose bikes for everyday transport?


Hon. Simon Bridges, Minister of Transport

‘National is leading the biggest investment in New Zealand’s cycleway infrastructure ever. The $333 million Urban Cycleways Programme marks the biggest ever investment in cycling infrastructure for New Zealand and will deliver over 300km of new cycleways and providing greater connection between routes. We’re investing to give more than a third of New Zealanders who want to use cycling as their everyday transport choice.

And it’s not just all about improving the network. It’s also about changing hearts and minds to help New Zealanders choose to cycle more often. National is funding an integrated education programme to help change attitudes and perceptions towards cycling, so people can better understand the benefits of a ‘bike-friendly’ country, and the positive impacts of more people riding bikes.’


Michael Wood MP, Transport Spokesperson

‘Labour wants to see more kids walking and biking to school. It’s healthy, supports better classroom learning, builds friendships and community, and is a great congestion buster. We know that many parents don’t believe that there are safe options for their children to bike to school, and that this is one of the main drivers of the decline in recent years.

Labour will invest in more safe cycle routes, particularly around schools, so that parents and children feel more confident giving cycling a go. We’ve announced a new contestable Active Neighbourhoods fund to kickstart safe local routes. We’ll also work with schools and local government on programmes to encourage cycling and build children’s skills and confidence.’


Julie Anne Genter, MP and Transport Spokesperson

‘The Green Party will set a target of half of kids walking and cycling to school again by 2022. Our Safe to School plan includes making 30km/h the default speed limit around schools, and investing $50m a year from the National Land Transport Fund in infrastructure like separated cycleways.’


Marama Fox MP, Transport Spokesperson

We will reduce transport disadvantage, by shifting the focus of private car use to one where public transport, walking and cycling are much greater, viable alternatives.

We want to rebuild neighbourhoods that foster community values, focus on community safety and that are connected to our environment.

We commit to improving urban design and broadband, so that people are less likely to have to travel, or can walk or cycle.


Denis O’Rourke MP, Transport Spokesperson

‘We’ll work with local authorities (including funding assistance) to provide more on road and off road cycleways and other cycle facilities.’


Geoff Simmons, Deputy Leader and Transport Spokesperson

‘We support more bike lanes as a healthy and cost effective transport option. Also we want to encourage kids to use their local school.’


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