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Kurt Taogaga – LABOUR

Kurt Taogaga is running for Labour in Helensville.

More kids on bikesCurrently only 2% of Kiwi kids ride a bike to school. Is lifting this number a priority? If so, how will we get there?

Yes, it should absolutely be a priority to encourage children back onto bikes. Active lifestyles that are built into everyday activity such as coming and going to school should be the cornerstone of children’s healthy lifestyles.

The main way to encourage that is to create safe infrastructure that parents and children alike feel secure about using. This infrastructure needs to connect where children live to where they go to school. The Labour Party will boost investment in separated cycleways, shared paths around schools, and programmes within schools to encourage kids to get on their bikes.


Bike-friendly citiesWhat would you do to make it easier for Aucklanders (in your electorate, and beyond) to choose bike travel?

Offering real transport choice in the form of a 21st century, multi-modal, integrated transport system that leads to better environmental, health and economic outcomes for Aucklanders is what the Labour Party will work towards in government.

The old ‘Field of Dreams’ adage of “if you build it, they will come” has proven true in Auckland, even though its cycling network is far from complete and the level of safety offered is not uniformly ideal. Imagine what we could achieve if we did have better infrastructure and choice

The Labour Party will renew the Urban cycleways find, working  with the Council and cycling communities to complete a safe and comprehensive network.

We’ll also work on the complementary infrastructure such as bike storage and showering facilities to make cycling a more practical option for those who are currently sitting on the fence.

I will advocate strongly that areas within the Helensville electorate receive a fair allocation of funding to ensure that its communities are more bike-friendly and bike-connected.

Safer streetsHow would you make streets (in your electorate and beyond) safer for everyone who uses them, including those on bikes?

Safe infrastructure ideally through separated cycleways is the best way to ensure cyclist safety on our roads.

Continued driver education will also be a key driver in the promotion of a safe cycling environment. We will roll them out more widely throughout the country.


Fave place to rideWhere’s your favourite place to ride a bike in Auckland?

Personally, I like riding down Dominion Road to stop off at one of my favourite restaurants. Even though it’s not protected, the bus lanes mean that you can move fairly quickly down the road, sometimes going faster than traffic. The exercise makes me feel slightly better about some pretty unhealthy food choices 🙂

In terms of the Helensville electorate, I’d one day like to meander down a separated cycle trail that follows the Kaipara upriver from Helensville to Kumeu, continuing on to some more challenging terrain that leads into the Waitakeres and on to the west coast beaches. A comprehensive bike trail for the north-west with provisions for sampling the electorate’s wine, beer, local produce and restaurants would make for a great tourist attraction.

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