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Damian Light – UNITED FUTURE

Damian Light is standing for United Future in Botany.

More kids on bikesCurrently only 2% of Kiwi kids ride a bike to school. Is lifting this number a priority? If so, how will we get there?

Yes, we need to raise these levels in Botany but also across Auckland and NZ. This includes funding education on safe riding, providing separated bike lanes around our schools and empowering communities to set speed limits in areas like schools.

Bike-friendly citiesWhat would you do to make it easier for Aucklanders (in your electorate, and beyond) to choose bike travel?

In my experience, cities that are bike friendly are people friendly – focused on ensuring that people can live and travel in the city how they want. We need to balance the roads with more options for cyclists This includes a comprehensive network of physically protected bike lanes, sufficient bike racks and lockups at key locations throughout the city and bike share options.

Safer streetsHow would you make streets (in your electorate and beyond) safer for everyone who uses them, including those on bikes?

We need to ensure that cyclists are safe by providing a comprehensive network of physically separate bike lanes. It’s great seeing more kermit on the road, but when they’re filled with cars (parked or moving), they’re not working. We support empowering communities to have more control over speed limits in areas like around schools, residential and shopping areas. Reducing deaths and injuries on our roads must be a priority, regardless of mode of transport.

Fave place to rideWhere’s your favourite place to ride a bike in Auckland?

I’m not a cyclist myself, but fully support that those that want to, should be able to. When I was younger, I used to hoon around Devonport on an old BMX.

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Vote Bike is a Bike Auckland initiative for the 2017 General Election. Authorised by Barbara Cuthbert of 2A St Aubyn St, Devonport, Auckland 0624, on behalf of Bike Auckland, of 2A St Aubyn St Devonport Auckland 0624.