Bike-Friendly Cities - Policy Comparison

Question: How can we build more bike-friendly cities, fast?

THE URBAN CYCLEWAYS FUND (UCF) has invested $100m of Crown Funds over 2015-2018 to unlock a total $333 million for new cycling infrastructure in New Zealand cities, via the Urban Cycleways Programme.

Our question: Will your party keep up the momentum by supporting this level of investment beyond 2018? (If not, what is your party’s vision for building bike-friendly cities?)


Hon Simon Bridges, Minister of Transport

“National was the architect for the Urban Cycleway Programme that pioneered a new chapter for cycling in New Zealand. We’re extremely proud of what this programme is delivering for New Zealanders all around the country. The Urban Cycleways Programme is accelerating connected urban cycleway networks across the country so that more people can ride to work, school and for local trips. This new, more connected network of cycleways is helping to promote New Zealand as a world-class cycling destination. That will help to boost our economy by attracting more visitors and enabling them to discover our beautiful country from behind the handlebars. We will continue to work with the Urban Cycleway Programme partners to build on New Zealand’s cycleway network.”


Michael Wood MP, Transport Spokesperson

“Yes. Labour will renew the Urban Cycleways Fund. We have been supportive of the fund and specific initiatives at both the central and local government level, and want to see more high quality, safe urban cycleways built. As our cities grow we need to provide real transport choices for people, and cycleways are a crucial part of lively, connected, healthy communities..”


Julie Anne Genter MP, Transport Spokesperson

“The Green Party will make walking and cycling the top priority for transport planning and investment, and set a target for both decreasing vehicle kilometres traveled and increasing the mode share of walking, cycling and public transport. We will allocate over $1 Billion to walking and cycling over ten years.

We would also put in place policy so that all street upgrades need to take into account active modes as part of any upgrade.”


Marama Fox MP, Transport Spokesperson

“The Maori Party supports greater investment in and further development of low cost, regular and reliable public transport, including fully connected and integrated cycle tracks and walkways to respond to the dual challenges of peak oil and climate change by reducing the nation’s oil dependency and carbon emissions.”


Denis O’Rourke, MP Transport Spokesperson and MP



Geoff Simmons, Deputy Leader and Transport Spokesperson

“We want the National Land Transport Fund to be depoliticised and the funding go to the most cost effective transport options. This will favour active and public transport.”


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