With the Waterview Path up and running, we’ve fielded lots of questions about the New Lynn to Avondale link, which will run along the railway line and connect New Lynn Station to Avondale Station and the Waterview Path.

Good news! Auckland Transport has just issued a timely update and a map of the final route, which includes two new bridges and an underpass. Click on the image below to enlarge it, or check out the PDF version here:  New Lynn to Avondale shared path map Nov 2017.

The final alignment for the New Lynn to Avondale Path (Auckland Transport)

These are the major refinements to previous plans, after consultation and investigation:

  • To account for the increase in train services, the path will not continue along the eastern side of the railway line past Chalmers Reserve, nor cross the railway line and road at the St Georges Road crossing as originally proposed. We understand that KiwiRail had strong opinions about AT’s plans…
  • Instead: a new underpass will link Chalmers Reserve to the western side of the railway line where the path will continue through a Housing New Zealand development and along St Georges Road. [NOTE: Bike Auckland echoes the position of Women in Urbanism about making sure the underpass is wide, well-lit and welcoming so it feels safe at all times, with plenty of space and sight lines for people on foot and on bikes. Luckily, there are heaps of international models for how to create welcoming and attractive underpasses – and of course the artful Te Atatu underpass is a wee treasure. Hopefully, this one can join those ranks.]
The new Chalmers Underpass (artist’s impression, via Auckland Transport)
  • At the New Lynn end, the formal end of the path will (initially at least) be at New Lynn train station on Memorial Drive rather than crossing Clark Street and continuing to Rankin Avenue.
  • At the Avondale end, a bridge will be constructed in the rail corridor to cross a steep area near St Jude Street and to enable the connection to Chalmers Street.
  • The rest of the path retains the alignment that was presented during last year’s consultation.
The new St Jude Bridge on the New Lynn to Avondale Path (artist’s impression, via Auckland Transport)

You can see the detailed design plans and read the 2016 consultation report on the AT website.

The construction timetable is yet to come – but some work will happen over late December 2017/ early January 2018 while KiwiRail is doing planned maintenance on the railway line. So yep, those of you who’ve been eagerly wishing for a start on this project can count that as a Christmas gift!

Lastly, we’re delighted to see school kids included in the concept imagery for this project and we totally tautoko the last line of AT’s update:

Based on the growth in the number of people choosing to walk or ride their bikes for commuting and recreation, we anticipate this will be a popular community resource.

The new Whau Bridge at New Lynn (artist’s impression, via Auckland Transport)
West Auckland
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17 responses to “Full steam ahead: progress on New Lynn-Avondale

  1. That’s really nice of AT to put a cycleway in from close to my place (just off st George street) to my work at next to Avondale station. I fell off my bike on the st George’s crossing after rain and ended up in hospital. I have almost been hit by cars multiple times when they just don’t see me even with hi visibility clothing and great LEDs front and back.

  2. does anyone know what the dotted line on the concept plan means between the underpass and the stretch of shared path on st george’s road?

    the concept plan also indicates stages 1, 2 and 3 – presumably these are construction phases, and if so, will be good to see waterview properly linked to avondale station.

    from a purely selfish point of view, i’m looking forward to this, but also hopefully to an era when rather than spending a big amount of money on a path like this, we can start to take road space away from cars and put protected lanes on our arterials – in this area, like great north or ash st. seemed a great shame to me that in the new lynn consultation, that AT rejected those people looking for protected lanes up titirangi road, which is easily wide enough for them….

    anyway, this’ll be another nice (if expensive) addition. let’s hope it get built a bit quicker than waterview took!

    1. Not sure which dotted line you mean? There seems to be none in the location you describe?

      Re paths on roads, and taking lanes – well, we will get the first couple “real” main road cycleways on GNR and K Road next year. And we have taken away traffic lanes at intersections for various projects, and will be taking them away during off-peak at least, on Tamaki Drive. So it’s not all that unheard of…

        1. They have been coordinating with Housing NZ on this. It will go through / be allowed for in the new HNZ development’s street layout.

    2. Ed, I agree about taking road space, but I think our arterials are needed for bus lanes / LR, and most need beautifying with trees. In Paperboy recently, there was an article about what we can learn about cycling from the Dutch, and it mentioned that cyclelanes are better on the back roads. Certainly I prefer the off-road paths and back streets with kids.

      However, something must be done for the Waterview kids who are in zone for Avondale College but can’t cycle there except by taking a huge detour or cycling on GNR. So I think AT needs to put in the cyclelane along GNR that was promised to be finished by the end of 2009.

  3. How long until there will be an extension to along to Glen Eden?

    1. Well, there’s a new Urban Cycleway Fund now, with Labour/Greens – so its possible.

    2. There are no plans I am aware of to progress Fruitvale to Glen Eden or to Sunnyvale.

  4. To complete the record, the project was triggered by the Whau local board committing 4 years of its transport capital fund ($2m) to the bridge across the Whau and that was enough for AT to take it to consultation and design. The board is also progressing a shared path from Holly St to Heron Park enabling access from Rosebank into Waterview without having to take to Great North Road. And there is more to come in the Whau.

    1. Yes, it’s good to see LB’s putting money into the walking & cycling plans. It would be nice if they had a bit more discretionary transport funding.

  5. I am ridiculously excited about this, and so are my neighbours on Arran street. We’re all excited about getting to Olympic Park and new Lynn without having to ‘go around’. And we won’t have to watch the local teenagers walk along the train tracks with our hearts in our throats on a daily basis any more! I know I’ll be using it every week day on my work commute, and in the weekends for my local shopping and entertainment trips. Thanks for the update!

  6. I too, am looking forward to the completion of this path, thanks for the update.

    I shall be commuting on it daily… I’m already using the new Waterview Path from Trent St to join up to the north-western cycle path… and I go past Olympic park to get there, so this will be a direct link for me.

  7. Any chance the Whau River Bridge will incorporate access to the existing path in Olympic Park in this stage or will that have to wait for Te Whau Path.

    1. We have asked for this, but it appears unlikely to be in the current stage. Budgets are super tight, especially what with having to find fees for a new underpass now that KiwiRail said no to the at-grade option.

  8. I hope that the standard of concrete laying is significantly better on this pathway than the Waterview connection. I ride the pathway most days and although I am now expert in the laying of concrete, the standard in parts leave a lot to be desired, bumpy and uneven. How hard is it to screed wet concrete when you are a professional. if anyone thinks I am being unreasonable ride and see. When you ride in the wet you actually see the shoddy workmanship.

    1. I couldn’t agree more… I thought the new bits of the N/W cycleway by Chamberlain Golf Course had maybe been done by the trainees/apprentices… They were below the standard I expected, but are perfectly rideable…

      But many bits of the Waterview Path, especially just south of Unitec are way way worse… so many lumps and bumps on brand-new freshly laid concrete… I cant imagine how you could get it so wrong unless you tried on purpose… If someone did that as a drive-way at your house, you wouldnt pay them.

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